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H.A.C.Pharma was born from the meeting of two professionals of the pharmaceutical industry with different paths but the same desire to create an independent French pharmaceutical laboratory to make available to health professionals and their patients specialties essential pharmaceuticals and promote their proper use.
Photo Philippe Bissay et Pascal Sery
Philippe BISSAY and Pascal SERY

Who is H.A.C. Pharma ?

H.A.C. Pharma is a pharmaceutical company in the sense of public health code, since 2007 we have built a portfolio of pharmaceutical specialties, which we ensure the availability in France but also for certain molecules in Europe.
In partnership with many companies of the world health (Formers, foreign laboratories, etc.) we manage the supply of the French market, we ensure that health professionals and patients are well informed and that pharmacovigilance is monitored.
Our employees manage a large part of these obligations internally and collaborate with their external experts to ensure the correct compliance with professional rules and the best level of services.
Our laboratory is very committed to promoting the proper use of the drug, a major guarantee of efficiency for the patient.

Octobre 2007

Opening of the pharmaceutical plant in Caen.


Distribution agreements for Iroko Pharmaceutical and Aspen's products


Licensing agreements for AGEPS Propylex and Flucortac


Acquisition of Aldomet and Indocid


Licensing agreement for Medice's Medikinet


Licensing agreements for Antileptic products for the French market

Our employees testify

For 13 years, every day, I have flourished at H.A.C. Pharma: a human-sized company.
Contributing to the creation of a pharmaceutical company like H.A.C. Pharma has been an unparalleled professional experience for me. My work in a start-up company has been a big challenge that increases team spirit in highly motivating working conditions.