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Our commitment

In a process of continuous improvement, H.A.C. Pharma has put in place a quality policy regarding promotional information that aims to guarantee the ethics of the practices of all its employees, and therefore Drug Promotion Attached in interaction with health professionals.
On October 15, 2014, the CEPS and the LEEM signed a new charter of information by canvassing or prospecting for the promotion of medicines. The aim of this text is to strengthen the quality of promotional information provided to health professionals and the proper use of medicines.
In March 2016, HAS published a new certification framework, which translates the charter into measurable criteria and requirements. The assessment of compliance with this charter is carried out through an annual audit by accredited bodies.
This certification is mandatory for all companies signatory to an agreement with the CEPS and having this
Promotional information activity for drugs to health professionals.
H.A.C. Pharma is committed to continuing this quality approach and implementing this new standard.

To find out more: Charter of information by marketing or prospecting for the promotion of medicinal products.

The Law of 29 December 2011 on the strengthening of the health safety of medicinal products and health products guarantees the independence and impartiality of health decisions. Thus, in accordance with Article L. 1453-1 of the Public Health Code, H.A..C. Pharma publishes the benefits, the remuneration granted to the various players involved in the field of health, in particular to healthcare professionals, and the existence of agreements concluded with these actors.

You can find this information on the following website: Transparency.