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Our jobs

H.A.C. Pharma wishes to integrate within its establishment the majority of the professions essential to the supply, quality, safety and proper use of its pharmaceutical specialties. Organized into three divisions: Administrative, Pharmaceutical and Promotional, H.A.C. Pharma’s teams work in interaction on a daily basis in an environment that favors exchanges and transversality.
Find out more about the professions within our laboratory.

Executive Assistant

The main tasks of the Executive Assistant are :
• Providing the secretariat for the CEO, in accordance with its directives,
• Assiting the CEO in the management of legal affairs,
• Managing human resources information,
• Managing relationships with service providers and the purchase of consumables and office supplies.

Information Technology

The IT Dept. organizes the resources of the company’s information system. It ensures in particular:
• The proper functioning of the IT network,
• Integration and development of business applications,
• Security of information systems,
• Serialization of the drug.



The main missions of Logistics and Supply Dept. are:
• Planning, ordering, and monitoring drug production,
• Maintaining sufficient inventory to meet demand and avoid shortages centers and patients,
Our department works closely with Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Sales Administration, Medical Information and Accountability.

Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information

The main missions of the Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Department are:
• Monitoring adverse events, assessing the benefit-risk balance and preventing the risks associated with our drugs, in order to guarantee their safe use in the interest of the patient
• Responding clearly and in a balanced way to requests from patients and healthcare professionals regarding the medical aspects of our products
Our department is fully integrated within the Pharmaceutical Affairs division, where we work in conjunction with the Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance departments.

Promotional Information


The Promotional Information activity is an exchange business based on 3 essential criteria:
• Information: Provide scientific-based promotional information on H.A.C. Pharma products to healthcare professionals while respecting the medical examination charter,
• Performance: Increase sales by following the regulations and proper use of the drug,
• Human: Creating a trusting relationship with healthcare professionals every day to care for patients.

Public Relations


The main missions of Public Relations Dept. are:
• Putting our relationships with the medical world and healthcare professionals at the heart of our concerns, and providing them with the logistical support they need to access continuing medical education at conferences and congresses, in full compliance with the Anti-Gift Act and Transparency,
• Promote scientific meetings with experts recognized in their specialty, as well as therapeutic education materials for medical teams and patients,
• Build our business relationships based on regulatory compliance and quality assurance.

Quality Assurance


The main tasks of the Quality Assurance Dept. are :
• Management of quality complaints from patients and healthcare professionals,
• Writing and monitoring the application of laboratory quality procedures,
• Management of deviations and implementation of the resulting quality actions (preventive or corrective),
• Monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors (specifications, quality audits, deviations, complaints, etc.),
• Approval and monitoring of changes and quality improvement projects,
• Answers to internal and external quality-related questions.

Regulatory Affairs


The Regulatory Affairs Dept. achieves all tasks related to the recording and update of the Marketing Authorisation Dossier of the drug products and completes all necessary tasks for their access to the market in compliance with regulations.
Missions correspond to the main three subjects:
• Regulatory activities follow-up,
• Monitoring and follow-up of the regulatory quality,
• Advice and control on promotional activities.

Sales administration

The main objective of Sales Administration Dept. is to guarantee the satisfaction of healthcare professionals through its various missions.
• Responding to public procurement,
• Ensuring orderly order processing until invoicing in line with negotiated terms,
• Handling claims and requests from healthcare professionals.